Givers, Takers, and Receivers.

A friend of mine always said there were three types of people in this world: the givers, the takers, and the receivers. There are many types of people in this world, more than three, but he had a good point. What do you find yourself doing during most of your experiences with your fellow man? Are you giving, taking, or receiving? Let’s go over the three types of behaviors, and see which behavior best defines you at this point in your life.

The Givers

Are you at a giving stage in your life? If not, do you feel you don’t have much to give? What is your point of reference for giving? Do you feel that giving only involves money or something of materialistic value? Believe it or not, regardless of your financial status, you have a lot to give. You just have to decide if you want to. You can give your time for example, something many of us rarely do. How many times have we felt burdened to give people our time? We’ve always found an excuse to be busy or claimed to not have the time to spend with someone. What about kindness? This is another thing that is available to us all, but is something we rarely give. A few words of kindness, a touch of compassion… these things do not require large amounts of our being, but are instead small gestures that can make a world of difference. You must recognize that the Universe will always present you with many opportunities each day to give. Situations will arise that will test your ability to give, and if  you pass those tests then your rewards will surely come.

The truth about the givers in life is that they are also the greatest receivers. Those who give always see their gifts returned to them… and then some. These gifts can range from love, money, compassion, mercy, forgiveness… and also hate, anger, disrespect, judgment, and so on. What are you giving? Are you passing on hate or love? Are you giving peace or chaos?

Give so that you may receive… and give from the fruits of the Spirit so that you can create a beautiful world around you. By giving you are making a statement to the Universe of what you have. With each giving action you declare that you have. Giving love is having love. Giving peace is having peace. Giving money is having money. These declarations help shift the Universe in your favor, creating and manifesting more of what you already have. You will only truly know what you have when it has been shared or given to others.

Giving is an expression of your Higher Self. It is an action in the image and likeness of our Creator. By giving from the heart you are declaring yourself a child of God.

The Takers

There is not much to say about the action of taking. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Are you taking from others? Taking their money, time, peace, or happiness without any regard to the damage you are causing to yourself and to them? Taking is emptiness. All taking is an action of selfishness, and its only goals are to satisfy the desires of the body and mind. How can we rob people of happiness, and expect ours not to be taken in return? Taking is a destructive cycle of emptiness, demanding more and more from your life and being until it completely consumes you. It is an affirmative declaration to the Universe of our lack… our doubt… our ignorance.

Taking is an expression of our Carnal Self. It is an action in the image and likeness of our inner demons. By taking we declare ourselves children of this world, and slaves to its influences.

The Receivers

What does it mean to receive? Receiving is definitely not taking. Receiving is a little more complicated than both taking and giving. Receiving can happen at anytime, at any place. We can receive experiences, people, and things in our life without having asked for them. The key to receiving is finding out the purpose of what we received. Many times there is the obvious answer… we are receiving exactly what we have given, and then some. Other times what we received was not what we gave. Sometimes we are victims in horrible circumstances. Sometimes we receive challenges or obstacles that are sent to us to test our knowledge of self… or to help us grow spiritually. The key to understanding what you receive is in being constantly aware of the choices you make and what you are giving to the Universe. From there you can determine if what you are receiving is a) your karma, b) a challenge intended for you to use as an instrument to grow in the likeness of your Creator, c) grace and blessings from your Creator, or d) the result of evil influences having their way in your life.

If after carefully analyzing your experience, you determine that what you received was the result of evil influences, then I suggest you do what you can to make amends with your Creator. Darkness exists where Light ceases to exist, and evil will only have its way when good is not there to stop it. There are many reasons why evil exists in this world, and I will not get into them right now. The important thing is to know that all the chaos, evil, and disharmony that exists in your life is the direct result of your separation between you and your Creator. The closer you are to your Creator, the less likely you are going to encounter evil influences in your life. The closer the relationship with your Creator, the more protected you will become. God will never let harm come to those who are close to Him. It’s as simple as that. As one of my teacher’s put it, “Your faith, will determine your fate.”

In Conclusion

So what are you today? Are you giving, receiving, or taking? Understand that at one moment in your life you may be at the receiving end of a situation. In another moment, you might be called upon to be on the giving end. What you choose to give today, you will receive tomorrow. What you choose to take today, will be taken from you tomorrow. Choose wisely, and may all your actions be clear expressions of your Higher Self.

Keep searching!

– Bradley


3 thoughts on “Givers, Takers, and Receivers.

  1. I loved it, especially the Givers part.

    In the second paragraph of the Givers; for the scripture says: Luke 6:38 (Whole Chapter) Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

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