Making Ends Meet

Work. What is work to you? Is it a career? Is it a way to obtain money? Are you working only for money? Does your work make you happy? We all have our reasons for working or why we work where we work. The real question is… is the work we are committed to an expression of our soul or an expression of our mind? Are the days we spend at our work taking us closer to our dreams or farther away from them? Here are some thoughts on work that can help you determine if your current line of work is helping you create a better future.

Work should be an expression of the soul.

If you find yourself working just to get by or working to survive financially, then more often then not you will find your work frustrating and without fulfillment. Why is that? It’s because fulfilling the needs of the mind and the body will never bring you true happiness or fulfillment. It is only when the soul is expressed and acknowledged will you gain a sense of success in your life. How can the soul be expressed or acknowledged when you are spending eight or more hours at a job that prevents you from expressing yourself or your talents? Be passionate about your work. If you are lacking passion, it means there is no love or heart in what you do… and that is living by the mind and not really living at all. The actions you take without passion bring no lasting fruits to your labors, and help neither your employer nor the customer in which you are giving a service to.

I spoke about the action of giving in a previous blog. That same advice can be applied to this topic. Find a job that will allow you to give of yourself and your talents. Don’t work at a place that will restrict you from expressing yourself or prevent you from giving the very best of who you are. If you are looking for a job, find one that will help you grow and express your talents. Your talents are your own and only you know the extent of your abilities. Find a job that will help you discover and express those abilities. Search for a job that will acknowledge your potential as a soul. Many times we get so caught up with the amount we are paid, that we forget the most important type of payment our work should be paying us… acknowledgement. Acknowledgment of our abilities… of our time… of our efforts… of our passion… of our creativity… of our individuality. These acknowledgements are crucial to every employee, and they help both the individual and company become more successful and grow as a whole.

Career and life goals are important in determining where you should work.

What started out as a temporary job in our mind, sometimes ends up becoming a full time job. And what was only supposed to be a job to cover expenses for a short time, sometimes ends up being the job we get stuck in for several years. In the end some of us wonder how so much time has passed and still we are at the same job… doing the same things… not growing… not changing… with no sign of things getting better. What happened to our dreams? What happened to our ambitions? Sadly, you neglected them. And although your soul may be screaming for change or pleading with you to follow your dreams… your mind will insist on its excuses of why you cannot quit your job and why you have to continue to work where you work. And so you continue living your life… unhappy and unfulfilled… slowly suffocating your soul to death until the Universe takes drastic measures to change your life. How do we prevent this from happening? The answer is simple… by having goals and the determination to stick with them. If you only plan to work at a certain job for a certain amount of time or for a certain reason, then stick with that decision. Don’t let other people or circumstance influence you otherwise. Be strong, and follow your heart’s desires to the very end. Write down your goals and keep them in mind always. Remind yourself of where you want to be in the next six months… year… five years.

It also important to remember that not all work is going to be fun or fulfilling. You will encounter many work-related situations that will frustrate or annoy you. Other times you might find yourself doing “busy” work or fulfilling obligations that are boring and tiresome. In those situations you must always remind yourself of your end goals and tell yourself that the work you do today may not be fun or fulfilling, but are necessary sacrifices for reaching your dreams or your career goals. Never forget why you are working where you work or for whom you are working for. Are you working for your soul’s desires? Are you working to please others? Are you working to support your family? Are you working to achieve your dreams? Ask yourself these questions so that you can gain clarity about your work situation, and can then take the necessary steps to improve your life.

Life is about Balance.

All of life is balance. Sometimes we have the ideal job or the perfect career, and yet we are still unhappy or bitter in our life. Some of us are workaholics… perfectionists… that will stop at nothing until all of the work is done… until all the demands of the workplace are met. Have you realized yet that the demands of your work never cease? How there always seems to be some problem or issue that keeps arising, never giving you a chance to say you’re done? How many times have we allowed the burdens of our work to come home with us? How many times has the stresses and pressures of work filled us with despair or bitterness, influencing our attitudes and affecting our relationships? There is such a thing as too much work. Know that there is a time for everything in your life. There is a time for work, a time for family, a time for loved ones, a time for friends, a time for children, a time for self, and a time for God. Are we balancing our time… our life? Or are we focusing all our attention and being into our work, neglecting everything else in our life? Focusing only on your work and not the other areas of your life will lead to imbalance and disharmony. These imbalances will slowly begin to corrode and destroy the other areas of your life. Don’t let that happen. Nothing is more important than maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Not your work or the money that you make. Your relationships have priority… your health has priority… your peace and harmony have priority. You are the only one who has the power to determine what has priority in your life, so please choose wisely. If you forsake loved ones for work–or even your own soul for that matter–do not cry later when tragedy knocks on your door.

Strive for balance. Make time for your loved ones, yourself, and your Creator. I assure you that the rewards of living a balanced life will allow you to continue doing what you love for years to come. Always remember that you are a soul with a body and not just a piece of meat with a mind. Your sole purpose in this life is NOT to simply satisfy the needs of the body or the never ending desires of the mind. You are more than just your body… more than just your mind. Express yourself… expand yourself… set yourself free! Let your work be the highest expression of who you really are. Therein lies the key to Heaven on Earth.

Keep searching!

– Bradley


One thought on “Making Ends Meet

  1. Making Ends Meet –

    Love your writing Brad, you have so matured as an upstanding young man. I would only like to leave you a few comments and verses from scripture.

    Bible says: # Matthew 16:25 (Whole Chapter)
    For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

    # Matthew 16:26 (Whole Chapter)
    For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

    I love your paragraph about Balance:
    But, the order I practice is: God (God centered) , My wife and I, our children and the rest….
    Yes, we are spiritual beings, so it is pre-eminent that we hold fast to God and His Word and His teachings. The Word of God sets us free and here we find our purpose for life and living. I encourage you to read this: by Rick Warren

    for His glory!…
    Uncle Jojo

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