Those Darn Temptations…

Here are three simple reminders you can use to overcome the temptations in your life. These can range from food temptations, materialistic temptations, and even physical temptations.
Understand What A Temptation Is.
All temptations are illusions of fulfillment. What is your current temptation promising you? Is it promising to satisfy your mind or your body? Is it promising fulfillment or instant gratification? Find out what your temptation is offering you, and know that whatever it will give you will only last temporarily.
Know When You’re Most Vulnerable To A Temptation.
A good way to overcome your temptations is by being mentally prepared for them. You must be vigilant and constantly aware of your emotional level during your day to day activities. Temptations usually strike when we are bored, feeling empty, or are carrying a negative emotional burden in our life. These situations destabilize us and shake our moral foundations… leaving us open to temptation. Maintain a positive and purposeful lifestyle. Doing so will prevent us from hitting the emotional low points where we are most vulnerable to temptation.
Remind Yourself Of The Consequences Of Succumbing To Your Temptation.
Another good way to overcome your temptations is by carefully analyzing the pros and cons of your temptation. Discover the end results of giving in to your temptations. See if they will bring you good rewards in the end. More often than not, you will find that many of your temptations will only satisfy you temporarily, returning you to emptiness once again. Understand that by giving in to your temptations you are losing your inner power, and allowing your temptations to have power over you. If gone unchecked, your temptations will evolve into addictions, and theses addictions will be the undoing of your life.
Weigh the consequences of your choices, and seek support from family or loved ones if you are having trouble overcoming your temptations on your own. By overcoming small temptations, you better your chances of overcoming bigger temptations. Remember, you have all the tools necessary inside you to conquer all of your temptations, so never allow yourself to think otherwise!
Keep searching!
– Bradley

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