In God We Trust…

Trust. A simple word, but what does it mean? Trust is one of the most powerful, yet least acknowledged feelings out there. We all know about wanting more love, happiness, and peace in our lives… but what about trust? What can trust give us? Where does trust come from?

Trust is the belief  that someone or something will take care of us… that the object of our trust will not fail, abandon, or betray us. Trust is something that is a huge part of our lives whether we like it or not. We want to be able to trust our government… our education system… our religions… our friends… our families… our loved ones. We want to be able to rely on them for whatever reasons we do. Being human, we need certain support systems. No man is an island as they say, and it would be incredibly depressing if there wasn’t someone out there that we can trust our weaknesses and emotions with. But one has to realize that trust… is a two way street. Are we trusting people? We demand and expect others to be trusted, but can we be trusted? Can we be relied on by others? Ask yourself this question and answer honestly. If someone asked you for help or needed your support, could they trust you to do so?

Now expand on this even further… do you trust in your God? I say “your God,” because each of us defines God differently according to our perspective and experiences. So do you trust Him? What kind of trust is it? Is it a surface trust? Meaning, you only trust that He will pull through on some occasions or at certain conveniences? Or do you trust that He will be there for you all of the time? What about the other way around? Can God trust you? What did He entrust you with? Can God trust you in being a good parent? What about a good son/daughter? Can God trust you in being a hardworking and honest employee? Or what about being a generous employer? Can you be trusted to be a good friend? What role has God given you that he trusts you with? Can you be trusted with those roles and responsibilities?

If you find yourself doubting God… ask yourself if God has every reason to doubt in you first. I know many times we ask God to prove himself to us, but what about our ability to prove ourselves to Him? How can we show that we are worthy of All That He Is if we fail to express the part of us that is Divine? How can we be trusted to do what is beneficial to our souls, if we do not even take the time to listen to them? My point is, before you start demanding trust from anything… be it God, your family, your partners, etc… demand trust from yourself and buid up your integrity so that you can be a trustworthy person.

A trustworthy individual is indeed a rarity in this world, and I guarantee you will stand out amongst the crowds because of your reliability. Be reliable, so that the Universe can be reliable for you. All of life is a reflection of who we are inside. Be trusting so that others can trust in you… and put your trust in your Creator so that more can be entrusted upon you. There has not been one person who has wholeheartedly trusted in their Creator and felt abandoned or neglected. Not one.

Keep searching!



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