The Importance of Responsibility

What does it mean to take responsibility? What does being a responsible person entail? Responsibility is a virtue that we seldom see these days. It seems that nowadays most people are willing to take convenience over responsibility. How many times have we seen our leaders and big corporations forsake their responsibility to those they lead and those they give service to. But putting such big examples aside… what can YOU do to be more responsible? After all, your world is a reflection of you and you alone. So if you see irresponsible people surrounding you… what does that say about you?

Being responsible means being AWARE.

How can anyone be responsible when they don’t know what they should be responsible for? The first step of responsibility starts with being aware of your actions. Consciously or unconsciously your actions are affecting those around you. Are you aware of all your thoughts, words, and deeds? Do you see how your words or actions affect your co-workers, friends, and family? Or are you too involved in your self to even acknowledge the feelings of others? Be responsible. Don’t ignore what you do to others or how you hurt them. Be mindful of every word you say and every act you commit.

As of today, what are you responsible for? What responsibilities await you at work? At home? At school? Expand upon that idea further. What has God bestowed upon you to take care of? Your children? Your parents? Your body? Your soul? Ask yourself these questions, and answer sincerely. You will quickly realize what responsibilities are asking for your attention.

Being responsible means attending to the needs of the PRESENT.

How many times have we opted to not be responsible because we were lazy or uncaring? How many times has someone asked us for help or asked us for a favor and we refused? How many times have we witnessed or seen things that needed our attention or our efforts but chose NOT to respond or act? What can you do TODAY to be responsible? What actions can you do today that can fix the mistakes of yesterday or prevent the tragedies of tomorrow? When does responsibility require you to act? Today. So seize the moment, and do all that you can today to become a more responsible person. Your responsible acts today will lead to a responsible future… a future that is secure in the eyes of God.

Being responsible involves HUMILITY.

Responsibility means accepting the consequences of your actions, even if it is the expense of your ego. Yes, sometimes taking responsibility is embarrassing and humiliating. We all make mistakes. It is a natural part of life, especially when we act from our mind and not our heart. By accepting responsibility we improve our integrity, and integrity is the virtue of Kings. Nothing says more of your integrity than the way you handle responsibility. Accept the consequences of your actions and move on. Don’t deny or try to hide it. You will fail to see the higher purpose in your experience and will most likely commit the same mistake again. Accept responsibility, learn from it, and move on with your life. That is the healthiest and most beneficial way to accept our mistakes and failures. Remember, a blow to your ego is a blessing from the soul. Don’t ever feel like it’s too late to accept responsibility for wrong actions in the past. It’s only too late when you cease to be living in this world. So do what’s right, and give your soul the peace it deserves.

So the next time you find yourself in a situation where the Universe is asking you to be responsible… don’t run away! Find the courage to face that experience and take responsibility! In doing so you declare yourself a true child of God.

Keep searching!


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