Communication is Harmony…

What does it mean to communicate? Is communicating an essential part of your life? One can communicate in many different ways to many different people. You may talk to your friends in ways that you would never talk to your parents. You may disclose information to your best friend that you would never tell your boss. Communication is an integral part of our life, whether we like it or not. How do you choose to communicate?

Many times a lot goes unsaid through life, and we fail to communicate feelings, intentions, or desires to those around us. Other times, we say things that for the moment please us, but end up hurting those we love. Knowing when to communicate certain thoughts and feelings involves a balance of timing and situational awareness. You should always “read” your experiences and search for the right moment to communicate your feelings. If you close yourself to your surroundings, you might miss out on a “perfect” opportunity to express a certain feeling. Understand that only you can determine and be prepared for the right moment. No one can read the situation better or act upon it as you can.

Our failure to communicate our feelings or intentions always leads to our downfall. Why? Because in order for others to understand us, they have to know what we are feeling and thinking… they have to know what is going inside us that is moving us to do the things that we do. Our failure to communicate with them will lead to misunderstandings and leave us prone to accidents and mistakes that could have been avoided if we had taken the time to communicate. It is our responsibility to be effective communicators. Communicating with others in a clear and sincere manner is progress. The clearer we communicate the less of a possibility there is of confusion, doubt, or misguidance. When people communicate clearly their feelings, intentions, concerns, and doubts to each other, the other party can respond accordingly or make better decisions on how to deal with the information that was communicated.

In summary, the first step towards mending any relationship is communication. If you communicate honestly and clearly, you will be able to see where the problems lie in your relationships and what steps you need to take to come up with a solution.

Keep searching!
– Bradley


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