Love Makes The World Go Round… :)

Love is everywhere, in everything, and the force that drives everything. Whether it be love of self, love for your Creator, love of material possessions, love of destruction… it is the source of all desire, and all that matters is where you decide to focus that desire and the results that accumulate.

What is love? Why do we say “God is love? Love is an expression that reflects our current state of being or spiritual growth. To love is to relate to something or perceive it in a way that reflects who we are. That is why certain people love certain things at certain levels… all determined by their spiritual growth. Individual’s with a higher sense of themselves are able to love more things and with more depth. One person can love another person to one degree, while another can love that same person to a lower or higher degree. That is why God’s love is the highest and most unconditional, for He has the highest sense and loves all unconditionally and his love is the greatest. To define God as love is merely a way of saying that there is no love greater than the love of the One who created love.

Isn’t it amazing how love moves us? It pushes us forward and backward, up and down… uplifts and depresses us. Even the lack of love moves us. When we lack love for something, we gravitate toward something that we do love. Love is the source of everything, and the more you have of it the more you want. It is no secret that how we feel about something determines our experience of it. So change your feelings toward your life… your family… your career. Instill love into all you do, so that more love will be had. And above all… choose carefully what you love. Share your love with others, balance the love you have for yourself, and love your Creator with all your heart.

Keep searching!
Bradley Gaurano


2 thoughts on “Love Makes The World Go Round… :)

  1. Great post! I believe that love and fear are the two forces that drive us. The more love we infuse into lives, the fewer choices we will make out of fear. Thanks for sharing!

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