Your Loss, Your Gain…

What truly is lost? When we lose something in our lives, what is that we truly have lost? Is it a sense of self… our belongings… our time? Many times losing our possessions are God’s way of reminding us what is really important in our lives. We get so caught up with our physical needs and our material possessions that we forget what really is the most important possession in our lives… the needs of the soul. How many times have we been forced to re-evaluate our life because of something or someone we lost? Why is it that it takes the loss of something or someone for us to realize the value of that person or thing? How many times have things or people been taken away from us when we have taken them for granted? You will lose all that you neglect, and then some. Sometimes we even lose things because God has decided that certain things or people in our life no longer serve us or are pulling us away from Him. Many times we lose things because they are destroying us, and by God’s grace He has decided to take them away with the hope that you will listen to what He is trying to tell you. Have you lost something recently? Why do you think you have lost what you did? What do you think the Universe is trying to tell you? In the Game of Life, you can turn your losses into gains… all by discovering the true meaning behind them.

How many times have we lost valuable things… things like our wallets, our cellphones, a car, a house, our life savings, a couple of bucks… whatever the loss, what do we gain in the process? Do our losses lead to gains? I believe they do. I believe that each loss is in fact a gain in disguise… waiting to be revealed once we realize the purpose of that loss. Every time we lose something, we learn something. We lose a cellphone or a wallet, we learn to be more aware of where we place things. We lose a car or a house due to debt, we learn to value money and financial responsibility more. We lose a cherished friend or a loving partner, we learn to appreciate those we do have in our lives and to be grateful for their presence. With each loss there lies a hidden truth… a truth that will lead to you to greater realizations… realizations that will only improve your life if you can embrace and understand them.

Therefore, seek to discover the true purpose of your losses, and transform those losses into gains. Ask God what is He trying to tell you by taking that which you held dear? Is he trying to tell you that you are misplacing your priorities? Is your soul trying to tell you something? If you find yourself losing things left and right… your family, your friends, your job… ask yourself what is the Universe trying to tell you through these losses? Is it time for change? Is it time re-evaluate your life path? Is it time to be grateful for what you do have? Count your losses, but more importantly count the reasons why you lost what you did. Turn your losses into gains, and you will find yourself having more than you originally thought you lost.

Keep searching!
Bradley Gaurano


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