Colorado Movie Theater Shooting…

(Photo by Karl Gehring / The Denver Post via

Due to the recent tragedy in Colorado, I felt it necessary to say a few words to shed some light on such a dark occurrence. I know many questions are asked during such troubling times… why did it happen? What could have been done to prevent such a thing? What can we do so that it doesn’t happen again? While the media and politicians might start squabbling as to what the solution is to such an event, or how to further legislate gun laws, or increase security… the answer lies in the message of the experience itself. And believe it or not, the answer is purely spiritual.

What caused this man to go out and cause such destruction? Was it hate? Was it years of torment and neglect? Whatever it was, it was negative in nature. Somewhere down the line of this man’s life, he stopped receiving positive influence… and the negativity around him began to cultivate him into the man he is today. Imagine what would have happened if he was raised in a loving environment? And I’m not just talking about surface love, where your family or friends pretend to love you, but don’t really care. I’m talking about the deep, meaningful relationships that family and friends develop after years of trial and error. Relationships that can only be cultivated with constant communication and openness. I’m 100% positive that if this man was exposed to that type of love and support… none of this would have happened.

So what does it take to prevent this from happening again? Really… what does it take? A word of kindness? A second glance to make sure if someone is alright? An awareness of how those around you are doing… mentally and emotionally? Being “in tune” with the feelings of your loved ones, and going the extra distance to make sure that they know that you love and care for them? People… the answer is simple. Reach out. Connect with one another. Put aside the demands of this world and the excuses of self-involvement, and REACH OUT. What does it take to reach out to your fellow man? Reach out, before it is too late…

Evil is allowed to exist where Good ceases to exist. Spread the good. Light the fires, push out the darkness. Everyone is waiting for their government to do something, or their education system, or their religion, or just everyone else to do something or to be the good example. Take responsibility as a citizen of this world. BE THE GOOD EXAMPLE. Be the first to reach out. Be the first to connect with someone. Take spiritual responsibility and inspire, uplift, and embrace your fellow man. God cannot be manifested in this world without human instruments. Be that instrument. Be used for good, so that evil will not have a chance to proliferate and spread. And if you see evil being done… do something about it. Do something Godly to stop it. Use your God-given gifts and virtues to put evil to rest. Courage, patience, compassion, forgiveness, discernment, wisdom, faith, love… use all these weapons to fight back the darkness. These are all spiritual weapons, and there are no others like it. Discover their power and put them to use. Don’t wait for others to act, but be the first to act. Your actions, though small, will have an effect in the world. Who knows? You may be the next instrument to prevent the next tragedy.

Be strong my friends, follow your heart, and… keep searching.
Bradley Gaurano


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