Starting Over

Throughout the course of our lives we encounter obstacles or commit mistakes that force our lives in a different direction than the one we first intended. When this happens we sometimes ponder the possibility of starting over. The prospect of new beginnings is a daunting one for many of us, and often times we prolong these changes. How hard is it truly to “start over?”

When we debate the action of starting over, whether it be starting a new career, a new relationship, a different field of study, or a change of surroundings, most of us encounter a certain dread and doubt about the transition. Will the change be worth our time… worth our effort? Will things end up as they always have… with disappointment and pain? Sometimes we avoid starting over because of the foreseeable difficulties that lie ahead. Other times we avoid starting over because of past experiences… afraid that the worst situations will repeat themselves. Should the thought of starting over enter your mind, my advice is to focus on the potential positives you will gain from your new found experience. Past doubts and current fears should hold no place in your decision when starting over. Turn over a new leaf and expand your perspective to include a vision of a better tomorrow. That is why you are starting over, right? You want a better tomorrow… an improvement in your current lifestyle… something to renew your purpose and joy in life.

It may be hard to ignore those feelings of dread and doubt. What if things don’t work out as you plan? When do they ever do? You must simply do the best with what you have, and make the best with what is given. Many of us refuse to change, even when our souls scream at us. The key to starting over successfully is to do so with an open heart and the affirmative declaration to the Universe that you are willing, ready, and determined to make the best of what is to come… no matter what anyone else says. Stick with the conviction to do so and know in your heart that the desire for change was planted in you by your Heavenly Father. Know that He lives in you and He also wants to experience life to the fullest. He wants to live through you and experience the beauty of his creation and see the wonderful manifestations that He can co-create with you. So what are you waiting for? Go for it. Plant the seeds today for what will be a fruitful tomorrow.

Keep searching!
Bradley Gaurano


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