What is anger? Why do we get angry? Anger can be caused by many things. The past, the actions of others, our actions, and even thoughts of a possible future can anger us. What are the results of anger? If we really sat down and reflected upon the results anger has brought us, 99 times out of a 100 those results were pain and suffering. Anger is the result of our ego not getting what it wants or failing to fulfill its egotistic expectations. How many times have we chosen anger over patience, or anger over reason? The key to overcoming anger is in recognizing it before you fully give in to it. Once you open the door to anger, you will find it very difficult to kick him out. Succumbing to anger is like succumbing to temptation, given just a little and you’ll find yourself eventually involved all the way. 

What is righteous anger? Can any anger be righteous? This is a tricky question, because although the foundation of anger is a negative thing, it can sometimes lead to positive results. For instance, when Martin Luther King Jr. observed the injustice that was occurring against his fellow minorities, he rose up against the current authoritative system. There was something that stirred within him that said what was happening wasn’t right. A passion, a torrent of emotion to see things changed. Was this a righteous anger? Perhaps, but it wasn’t a destructive one. Another example was when Jesus saw the vendors and peddlers desecrating the site of the Holy Temple with their wares and booths. He was filled with a righteous anger towards them because he loved his Heavenly Father more than anything, and to see something he thought to be so Holy be desecrated stirred something inside him. So there are times when you can experience a sort of righteous anger, especially in the face of injustice or toward an apathy of the things you love. However, this anger has to be monitored because it can grow and overcome you. If you are not careful, what began as a righteous anger can transform into a rage or violent hatred that will inevitably consume you and destroy all you hold dear. So the use of anger, even if it is righteous, should always be regulated and monitored and rarely used. It is a dangerous instrument, and only those wise enough should ever wield it. 

Anger is a natural emotion, and it is alright to experience it during certain moments in your life. But to hold on to it, to embrace it, to become attached to it… that will surely lead to your demise. Like all emotions, anger should be experienced and then let go. You should seek to discover the reason for your emotion, learn what you can from it, and then let it go. Anger, like fear, can be conquered with understanding. Understand those that you are getting angry at, understand the situation that is making you angry, understand the source of your anger, thereby giving you the power to control it. If you are always a victim of your circumstances, and blame those around you for the anger you are experiencing, you will never be in control of your life. Take control. Learn how to control your reactions to your experiences. Usually when we feel we cannot control our outside world, we become angry. Learn to understand your world, how it functions, and why things happen the way they do, so that you may be able to establish some control over them. Let faith and understanding appease your anger and fear. Faith that your Heavenly Father will assist you and the understanding to utilize the instruments He provided to conquer all obstacles in your path. Do this and I promise you, you will be angry less and peaceful more. 

Keep searching!
Bradley Gaurano


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