The Power of Truth


What is the power of Truth? Is knowing the Truth powerful? Will the Truth set you free? Truths are powerful, but they can be painful as well. Truths about our relationships, our careers, our character, our dreams… knowing the truth about any given situation is helpful, but knowing what to do with that truth is more important than knowing the truth by itself.

How does a Truth have power? The power in a Truth lies in its ability to transform our perspective. If something transforms our perspective, it allows us to see things differently in a way that will help us understand our lives or those around us. Knowing the truth about the person you are developing a relationship with will help you determine if you want to continue or discontinue that relationship. Knowing the truth about yourself might save you from future disastrous relationships. The Truth is always worth searching for, and it releases us from bonds we create with the illusions we carry.

What truths are you searching for today? Are you searching for the truth about your relationships within your family? Searching for the truth about your relationship with your Creator? Searching for the truth in your career? Searching for the truth to your existence? Have you ever found a truth? What did you feel when you discovered it? What did it do to you and your world? Did you embrace it? Did you run away from it? Sometimes the truths we discover about ourselves or others can be painful. It is always a good idea to deal with each truth in a patient and understanding way. It may be painful at first, but the truth will somehow, someway allow you to take action or see things in a way that you didn’t before. Many of us are still discovering our truths… while others are re-defining their truths. What was true for you yesterday, might not be true for you today. The truth about your truths is that they are constantly being revised and explored, and that is a good thing. What you must also understand about truths is that what is true for you, will not be true for someone else. Each person has their own truths, according to their life experience and their heart’s desires. We must respect each other’s truths, but encourage one another to search for that truth.

I believe that one of the ultimate truths is that this life was meant to explore and discover the truth built in you, and once found, to be shared with others so that they may find their own truths. That’s what makes us divine… it’s what makes life holy. The search for truth is the search for divinity, and is an exploration of one’s soul and the discovery of what gives purpose to our lives. Find your truth. Connect with it, embrace it, and share it with others.

Keep searching!
Bradley Gaurano


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