When I was younger, I always remember telling myself life would be better if certain things happened. When I have my growth spurt I will lose my baby fat. When I am sixteen I’ll be able to drive and then have more friends. When I get a job I will finally be financially independent. When, when, when. How many of us live our lives based on a when? Do you? Can you count the when’s in your life? What aspects of your life are dependent on a when?

Making a “when” statement is the mind’s excuse for delaying action. The when’s our mind comes up with are excuses meant to prevent us from acting upon our heart’s desires or from fulfilling a responsibility. How many times have we fallen back on these excuses, tried to justify them, and then have them become a permanent part of our life? When I get healthier I can do such and such… when I get richer I can finally do such and such… when I find the man/woman of my dreams I will finally be happy. These “when” statements are declarations of a future state of being. A future state of being that doesn’t exist. The idea of “when” is an affirmative declaration to the Universe that you do not have something in the “now.” When I have this job, I will be happy. When I have this “thing” I will be happy. When I have this type of relationship, I will be happy. So when will you be happy? Never. Because there will always be something that you will feel you lack that prevents you from being happy today. That’s why statements of gratitude are so powerful, because they are declarations of happiness and fulfillment today.

Change your attitude if you want to change your situation. 

You must shift your attitude from being a “when” attitude to a “I am” attitude. Example… instead of saying, “When I lose the weight, I will feel better about myself,” tell yourself “I am doing my best to lose the weight, and in doing so I am feeling better about myself,” or simply “I am the weight I want to be.” These affirmative declarations must be said with conviction, and conviction can only be obtained through experience and action. You cannot tell yourself you are at a healthy weight if you don’t feel that way. That’s why I say change your attitude, and not just your thoughts. A shift in attitude involves changing your beliefs AND your feelings about something. The equation to a successful transformation is as follows:

Believe -> Act -> Know

You must first develop a BELIEF that contradicts the current belief your mind has put into place. Then you must ACT on this new belief, and this involves taking action multiple times. Don’t expect things to change with just one or two times of being put into action. After you’ve placed your beliefs into action and seen the results they bring, you will finally reach a state of KNOWING. You now know that you are a certain way and your experiences will reflect that knowing. Those people that say they believe something, but don’t apply any action toward that belief create weak belief systems. Those that believe in something and do everything in their power to support that belief create strong belief systems. These belief systems become so strong that they end up becoming Pure Knowledge or in other words… their Truth. Hence why the strongest of Faiths are the ones that are proven to this world through deeds. For how else would the world know of the Divine if it weren’t revealed through a man’s action?

Stop creating “when’s” in your life, and start declaring who you are and who you are striving to be. Take control of your life by defining your beliefs, then act upon them so that they may transform into truths. What are your beliefs about your relationships? Your career? Your health? What are you doing to act upon those beliefs?  Don’t be a hypocrite and declare your truths and then refuse to act on them. A lot of people do that. They declare a truth, but don’t know how to act upon that truth… and so they are merely voicing their beliefs. Beliefs by themselves are nothing. They do not make the world a better place. Beliefs put into action create change.

Keep searching!


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