Sand Castles…


How many times do we build sand castles out of the things of this world? And how many times do those sand castles fall to our utter disappointment? What does it mean to build a castle out of the things of this world? It means building without a solid foundation. Where does one get a solid foundation? From the Spirit of course.

When you begin to build a castle you must first make sure that you are building on the foundations of the Spirit. This castle can be a relationship, a career, a job, a business, a friendship, etc. Whatever it is that you are building, you must first make sure that you are building with the confidence that you are building with the full support of the Spirit. If you do not have this conviction, than what you build is prone to failure. You must ask yourself why are you building this castle? Is it for selfish reasons? Is it to express your soul, or to satisfy your mind’s desires? Is it to satisfy your body’s desires? Are you building to get rich and famous? Are you building for social recognition and acknowledgment? Are you building to please your Creator? Building to make the world a better place? Building to improve the lives of those around you? Ask yourself these questions, and your answer will give you a glimpse as to whether the castle you’re building will lead to a successful result or another disappointing failure.

Many times we build castles of illusion… illusions based on a future happiness that we hope to have. Why do we build these castles of illusion? Is it because we are afraid? Lonely? Ambitious? Whatever illusion you are building discover the core reason as to why you are building that illusion. What are you chasing? What are you trying to manifest? Is it something that will give you happiness temporarily? Every time you feel that you are doing something alone, you are open to failure. If you build your castles with your Creator, what you build will last. If you build alone, what you build will not last. How do you know that you are building with your Creator’s blessing? Is your castle being built with your mind or your heart? Are you doing it with love? Are you building with expectation? Expectations limit our manifestations and lead to worry and doubt. Remove all expectations from your endeavors,  making sure only to do your part and allowing the Universe to take care of the rest. Removing all expectation is very difficult, because who can put effort into a project or relationship without expecting something in return? Not very many. We all expect certain outcomes in all of our experiences, especially when we put great effort into them. We must learn to watch for the signs when things are not going our way. We must go back and question our true intentions and decide whether what we are building is of the Spirit or of this world. Praying for clarity is also needed, as we need clarification in recognizing whether the obstacles in our way are just obstacles and tests to see if we are worthy of the rewards ahead, or if they are signs that what we are building is not right for us or not right for our soul. The answers to these questions will only come from deep within, when you’ve taken the time to silence the mind and open the doors to the wisdom of your soul.

Be persistent and wise when building your castles. Take your time when you build them, and don’t build sand castles that are here today and gone tomorrow. Build strong and immense castles of wondrous beauty. Castles with foundations in the Spirit so that all may see your work as glorious manifestations of Heaven on Earth.

Keep searching!


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