The Importance of Time


Time. Elusive, relative, constant, time. How do we spend our time? Wisely? Foolishly? Do we manage our time, or does it manage us? I would like to take the time to discuss this important factor in our lives, because whether we acknowledge it or not… timing is everything.

During college I was always single. Why? Because at the time I had this huge obsession with soul mates. I’m not joking. I was infatuated with the idea that somewhere, somehow, there was a woman (a very pretty woman mind you), out there, searching for me as I was searching for her. This idea became so ingrained in me, that whenever the opportunity to date arose, I would turn it away. And there were many opportunities in college. I would somehow make excuses or pretend that I was too involved in studies to go out with any girl. At the time I wouldn’t settle for anyone, unless I felt an unbelievable connection that I hadn’t felt before. Fortunately for me, no one gave me such a connection. Why do I say fortunately? Because also at the time, I wasn’t ready for relationships. I had too many unrealistic expectations about them. I put too much emphasis on how a girl would make me happy, and not enough emphasis on how I could make her happy. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t enter any relationships back then. I would have probably been hurt, or worse… done the hurting. Who knows, I could have had a child already and my life could have totally taken a different path.

The point being is timing. There is a time for everything. At one point in time you may be ready for a relationship, and at another time a relationship would have been the worse thing for you.  At one time in your life, a certain career was perfect for you, and at another time in your life that very same career couldn’t have been any worse for you. Timing is everything. Just as when you bake a cake, you have to bake it at the right time or else you will undercook it or burn it. It takes a specific time for the cake to be cooked to perfection. The same it is with our spiritual maturity and growth. There is a time when we need to learn certain lessons during the times of our lives that we learn them. Be patient with yourself, and really discover what stage of your life you’re in. Are you at a giving stage? A learning stage? A receiving stage? A relationship stage? A career stage? A family stage? A single stage? Understanding the current stage of your life will help you overcome the obstacles and challenges that you are encountering. Coming to the realization that it’s not the right time for a relationship, or that it is the right time for a family will help you flow with the Universe and not against it. Read the signs. See what the Universe is trying to tell you about this current stage in your life. Are doors naturally opening or closing on you? If you knock and a door doesn’t open, then maybe it’s not the right time for that door to open. Don’t force it. You wouldn’t force a flower to bloom would you? No, you wouldn’t. A flower will bloom when it’s time has come, just as the right opportunities will come at the moments in your life when you need them to come.

Keep searching!
Bradley Gaurano


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