Laziness: Death of the Soul


What is the greatest enemy to our souls? Is it fear? Anger? Greed? Lust? Those are all enemies to the soul, but the greatest one is… laziness. Why laziness? I’ll tell you why.

Laziness is the soul’s greatest enemy because with fear, anger, greed, lust or any other vice there is an opportunity for growth. All of the types of vices or negative emotions that we experience call us to a certain action. If we are angry we will commit the action of hurting someone, some way, some how. If we are feeling greedy, we will steal or hoard or take money or things from another individual. Those negative feelings will lead us to an action, and that action can be learned from. After we hurt someone, we might feel guilt or remorse, and try to fix it. After we steal from another individual, someone might steal from us, and reveal to us the karma in our actions. There are plenty of possibilities for spiritual growth from all of those actions and feelings. But with laziness… it is a call to inaction. Laziness forces us to do nothing. Absolutely nothing. There can be no growth because of that inaction.

When we become lazy, we refuse to study and learn from our experiences. The soul stops living, stops expanding, stops growing. It’s just… stagnant. When we are lazy we refuse to change dead end jobs, get out of stagnant relationships, or repair broken situations. We refuse to adjust, adapt, or transform our way of living. We commit neither negative actions nor positive ones. We’re just neutral. And neutral, isn’t life. Even with negative actions we can be instruments for others to exude positive actions, but being neutral is close to being non-existent. You know who benefits from your laziness? The powers that be. As the political philosopher Edmund Burke so eloquently stated, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

So ask yourself, are you being lazy? In what areas of your life are you being lazy? Lazy in your career? Lazy in your relationship with your significant other? Lazy in your relationships with certain family members? Lazy with your health and eating habits? Lazy with your finances? Lazy with your ability to serve others or give of yourself to others? There is only one end result when it comes to laziness… self-deterioration and destruction. And what does laziness accomplish? Nothing. Just the fulfillment of the mind’s desire to procrastinate and put off issues and concerns that need to be addressed today. Discover what you’re currently being lazy about and move yourself into action. Take action, and do not settle or bask in convenience. Always see what more you can do. Given enough time your lazy behaviors will become part of you, forever transforming your personality for the worse. Take action and do not give in to your mind’s desires to settle or procrastinate. If there are issues in your life that need to be addressed, address them. The sooner, the better.

Keep searching!
Bradley Gaurano



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