Awareness = Power


What does it mean to be aware? It means to know what goes inside your surroundings, your mind, and even the minds of others. Is their power in knowing your own mind… your own perspective of this world? There is great power in knowing your perspective. How you see things in your world directly affect how the world interacts with you. Your perception of this world is your tool to manifesting the world around you. How is this possible? Let me explain.

How you see the world around you is determined by three things: your past experiences, your emotional being, and your thought process. Your thought process has direct influence on your emotional being. It is your thought process that determines your ability to “react” to whatever experience befalls you.

For instance, let’s say you walk into an ice cream parlor, order your favorite ice cream, pay for it, and then exit the parlor. As you step outside, you trip by accident, and spill your ice cream. Now your thought process kicks in. What will be going through your mind? As with all experiences, the feeling comes first. First, the feeling of loss and disappointment hits you. This is the natural feeling. Something you grew attached to and had expectation for was just lost to you. Now what happens? Well, based on your past experience and thought process, you will begin to choose how to “react” to this experience of loss. Your mind will begin to reason or react based on your thought process. What will your next thought be? Anger? Self-reprimand? If you go down that path, you might seek someone to blame. “Maybe it was the wind. Or, the stupid attendant didn’t place the ice cream on the cone right.” Are you the type that likes to blame others? Or maybe self-loathing might kick in. “How dumb could you have been to trip like that? Weren’t you looking? You can’t do anything right, much less walk.” Or you could dust yourself off, accept that what happened, happened. No harm, no foul. Take responsibility, go back inside, tell the attendant you spilled your ice cream, and order a new one. No big deal right?

Do you see the many different thought processes that could have come up with just one experience? And you go through hundreds of experiences a day. Are you aware of your choices and thought processes in each and every one of them? The more you are aware of your thoughts and how they affect your experiences, the more control you have over your life, and the more you can determine the outcome of your experiences. You decide. You can either be creating your life consciously, or have it unfold in front of you unconsciously. The problem with unconsciously is that most of the time you end up in situations that you don’t like and regret your put yourself through them. The unconscious decision to party with friends and drink irresponsibly could end up with you in your car being pulled over for a DUI. Or the unconscious decision to stay in a damaging relationship because you didn’t know your own self-worth or because you thought that some day, some way your partner would change could lead do a depressing lifestyle. All experiences can be transformed and changed for the better. It’s up to you to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions and start actively creating a better life for yourself.

So how can we transform our thought process so that the highest possible outcome can be achieved? By watching our attitude towards our experiences. Our attitude is the combination of our thoughts and emotions toward our experiences. Are we cultivating negative or positive attitudes toward our experiences? Universal Law dictates that whatever we put into our experiences is what we will get out of it. So if we enter an experience with fear or hate, that is exactly what we will get out of that experience? How many times do we enter a new experience with doubt, anxiety, or emptiness? Only to go through that experience and come away with our doubts confirmed, our anxieties heightened, and our emptiness increased. They have a name for this occurrence in psychology and it’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy. And this all leads back to your perception and attitude towards your experience.

So now that you understand that how you view your experiences and your attitude towards them can make a huge difference in HOW you experience what you experience, what are you going to do? Are you going to take a more open and positive attitude towards your experiences? Or are you going to let negativity and narrow-mindness run your life? It’s your life and you are the only one who can decide how you want to live it. Either way, the door is open now. This knowledge has been revealed to you and you are now aware of it. You can empower yourself with this information or ignore it. You cannot however unlearn what you know. You can choose to not apply what you know, but you will always know what you know.

Until next time,

Keep searching!
Bradley Gaurano


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