The Importance of Discipline

What does it take to obtain the life that you desire? Really, what does it take? Is it luck? Is it faith? Is it money? Yes, you may need some of those, but from my experience one of the greatest factors in determining whether you accomplish your dreams and goals is surprisingly… discipline. Yes, discipline. What is discipline, and what does it mean to practice discipline?

Discipline is going against your mind’s desires. It’s forcing your mind to say yes, when it says no. It’s telling your body to go forward when it wants to go backward. Laziness and procrastination is your mind’s way of controlling your life. “I’ll get a better job later. I’ll eat a good healthy meal tomorrow, there’s company now. It’s too early to get up. I’ll only play for a little bit. Just one more drink.” Do those sound familiar? Whenever your mind tries to give you reasons for not upholding the goals you uphold for yourself, you must ask yourself… who’s really in control? Your mind or your soul? If you keep giving in to your mind’s desires, needs, and wants, you will never accomplish your soul’s desires. There will always be another temptation to pull you away from accomplishing what you want to. Do you want that thin body? That job that fulfills you? That college degree? That promotion? That meaningful relationship? Then don’t give in to your mind’s temptations. Exercise discipline and be determined to stick it out. To be disciplined is to be consistently in control, and not influenced by the forces around you. To exercise discipline is to accomplish your goal no matter what obstacles come in your way.

Strive hard and work hard for that which you love most. Be discipline when it comes to your health, your lovelife, your career, and your family life. Don’t let others persuade you. Don’t let your mind trick and fool you into succumbing to its needs. Take control and transform your life.

Keep Searching!
Bradley Gaurano


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