How do you see yourself?


How do you see yourself? Are you confident about who you are? How well do you know yourself? Do you know your strengths? Your weaknesses? Your likes and dislikes? As you experience life, who you are will constantly evolve according to your evolving beliefs about yourself and the world around you. If those beliefs don’t change, then you won’t change. It’s as simple as that. You know how they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Why is that? Why won’t people change? Is it because people naturally are resistant to change? Could be. One thing is for certain… if a person refuses to alter or transform their beliefs about their world or themselves, then they will never change. And what are beliefs? Ideas and thoughts we carry about the world and our life that are based on what we have experienced. These beliefs come from experience and what we have internalized from our experiences. Change the belief, and you change the individual.

So going back to how you view yourself, what are the beliefs you carry about yourself? Do you find that you constantly criticize yourself? Or are you the opposite? Do you think you’re God’s gift to this earth and to everyone around you? It’s important to understand that the Universe will always reveal you for who you really are. You can only pretend to be someone you’re not for so long, before the truth finally comes out. The greatest glimpse that we can get of who we are is what others acknowledge in us. If we think we are giving and generous people, do others acknowledge those qualities in us? If not, then we are only giving and generous in our own  minds but not in reality. It’s only when the outside world acknowledges our qualities, that those qualities become alive in us. How many people call themselves loving people, but everyone around them don’t see them that way? Or when others  claim to be godly people, yet their true nature comes out showing the world for who they really are. We must be careful of who we claim to be because the Universe will put those claims to the test and see if we are who we say we are. Most of us are not who we claim to be. Let your actions reveal who you are, and let others announce the nature of your being. If you are a respectful person, then treat everyone you meet with respect, so that others can acknowledge that quality in you. If you believe yourself to be a compassionate person, then let your actions reveal your compassion, so that others can acknowledge that quality in you. If you believe yourself to be  a tolerant person, but your actions are filled with hate and intolerance, then those around you will acknowledge you to be an intolerant person. Actions speak louder than words. They really do.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean also that you are entirely what the world tells you, you are. There will be those of negative influence who will put you down or try to step on your dreams. They will try to tell you that you are a loser, or that you are stupid, or some other type of negative judgment. A negative judgment isn’t a declaration of who you are. Do not pay attention to those. When I say that the acknowledgement of those around you will announce who you are, I mean when it comes from a non-judgmental perspective. It’s when someone comes up to you and says that you are a very considerate person, because you did something considerate. Or when someone acknowledges your inability to compromise and tells you about your laziness. Those are criticisms that are based on your actions. There is nothing wrong with those public announcements of acknowledgments. Those you can place attention to. What you should NOT put your attention to, are vindictive and hateful comments that bitter and empty individuals throw at you. The haters and the trolls and the self-loathers. Whatever comes out of their mouth is trash.

The important lesson to take from this is to discover deep down who you are. Let your soul tell you who you are. Let the whispers of your Heavenly Father tell you who you are. That whisper will drown the thousands of voices from this world who tell you otherwise. For when your soul reveals the truth of who you are to you, there is no turning back and there is no greater truth. Listening to your soul and the messages your God sends you takes time and effort, and does not happen overnight. It is an internal communion that takes time to cultivate and develop. Take the steps now to listen to that inner voice. The sooner, the better.

Also keep in mind that how you see yourself is how others will see you.

The thoughts you carry about yourself will affect how those around you view you. Keep positive thoughts about yourself, then follow up those positive thoughts with meaningful actions.

You can’t just keep thinking you’re a nice person, when all your actions are not nice. Think positive, then act positive. And when you think highly of yourself, do not do so from an egotistic perspective. Do so from the conviction that you have gained from within that says you are an amazing individual sent to this world to do amazing things for those around you. Be a light unto the world, guiding everyone with your brightness. And when the light that is your soul shines for all to see, it will be then that the world will stand in amazement of what is truly a Child of God.

Keep Searching!
Bradley Gaurano


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