Are You Unhappy?

Sad Face

Are you unhappy? Not satisfied with how things are going or turning out in your life? Unhappy with the same mundane existence that you experience day in and day out? Lost your sense of adventure, purpose, or even passion for life? What happened? What happened to the life you dreamed of as a kid? What happened to all your dreams… all your aspirations? Why did they die? Let us analyze what is currently making you unhappy, and what steps you can do to get out of your unhappiness hole.

First, let’s breakdown the reasons for your unhappiness. What aspect of your life is making you unhappy? Is it your love life? Do you feel that your current partner is not everything you’d want them to be? Is it your lack of love life? Tired of being single, unwanted, and unacknowledged? Or are you unhappy with your financial situation? Too much debt? Not enough money to do the things you want or pursue the things you love? Or maybe it could be your job? Stuck at a dead end job, but forced to stay since those bills need to be paid? Are you not fulfilling your dreams by being in a career that you are passionate about? Whichever one of those situations is causing your unhappiness, you must go to the core of those experiences to discover what you can do to change how those situations make you feel about your life.

Now that you know the core of what is making you unhappy, what can you do about your unhappiness? What action can you take so that you can remove yourself from your miserable situation? You must first acknowledge that you are in the situation you are in because you chose that life. You must accept full responsibility for your lifestyle and your situation if you are to change it. If you start to play the blame game, you will never be able to fully take control of your life. If you set yourself as a victim of circumstance, then you will be powerless to alter your experiences for the better. Why is this so? Because you will always have the excuse that you are where you are because of some external influence. And giving power to outside influences gives you less power to yourself and your own strength of will.

So stop. Take responsibility, and take action. Make smarter and more educated choices.

Be aware of all the tiny choices you make that lead to the bigger life changing choices that you make. Remember, those who are good in little things will be good in big things. Those who fail to prove themselves in small circumstances, will fail to prove themselves in bigger circumstances. So start today by acknowledging that YOU have the power within you to conquer all obstacles set before you. You must change your mindset in order to change your state of being. Change the attitude -> change the issue. Until you fully understand that your world will not change until you change your thoughts about your world, change will not happen.

Now, that you’ve committed yourself to accepting responsibility for your actions and your choices, and you begin to start actively making more conscious choices in your life, you are now ready to apply the second half of the full method to transform your life for the better. That second half is the acknowledgement of an “Intelligence” that is greater than you that has a plan for you and is waiting for you to prove to “Him” that you are worthy of a better life and of the promises of a more fulfilling lifestyle. Why do I say “Intelligence?” Because this FORCE… this INFLUENCE… is intelligent. Very intelligent. And it is this Source of Life that understands and creates your experiences. You are in co-creation with this Creator when it comes to living your life in this world. So, after you begin to take action in hopes of creating a better life for yourself, you must also be open to receive what the Universe has to offer you. It might not be what your mind rationally wants or expects, but it will definitely be for the benefit of your soul and for the cultivation of a relationship with your Creator. Didn’t get that job you wanted? There’s a reason. Discover that reason. Haven’t found that “Prince Charming” yet? There’s a reason for that too. Find out what it is, and what the Universe is asking from you. Look within for your answers, and keep searching until you receive the realizations necessary to take the next appropriate actions.

So in summary, obtaining happiness in your life does require effort. A lot of effort. It also takes a good amount of introspection and reflection. You must be aware of the current choices and actions you are taking, because frankly, they are leading to the life you are currently living. Secondly, after you begin to see your actions and choices, and start to make better choices and actions, understand that there is a Greater Force guiding your life and creating your life with you. Connect with this Intelligence, and let it tell you what you need to know to begin paving the steps to an amazing and fulfilling life. This Intelligence lives within you, and all it takes is the acknowledgement of its existence for you to tap into its power and peace. The more you connect with it, the more energy and intuition you will receive. This Intelligence is the Source of all that you desire to be happy in this life. It knows the perfect job for you, the perfect mate, and the perfect circumstances for you to live a happy life.

Keep Searching!
Bradley Gaurano



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