Losing Our Way

Lost and Confused Signpost

How many times do we lose our way? As we go through our lives, we frequently encounter moments where our plans are destroyed or life throws us for a loop. We lose ourselves and our way, forcing us to start all over again. These moments in life can be very confusing and frustrating, and if they happen often they could take us down dark and depressing roads. How do we prepare for such moments? How do we pick ourselves after falling so far?

In life we will always encounter obstacles and challenges. This is natural. But what happens when we encounter a really big obstacle? One that shakes us to our very core. An addiction, the loss of a loved one, a big financial set back, the loss of our job, the unforeseen end of a relationship? All of these are events in our lives that can happen, and we must be prepared to face such events. Nothing can prepare you emotionally for these events. You will feel what you feel when they happen, and you must find a way to cope with the aftermath of the event and find a way to continue living your life. Attachment to the event however, can be very destructive. If we cannot let go of our past hurts, failures, or traumas, we won’t be able to enjoy the present moment and take the actions necessary to build a better tomorrow. Emotional hurts are some of the worst falls an individual can go through. There is no set time for a person to heal from an emotional wound. Time helps, for sure, but to gain the most from your healing you must understand the spiritual reason for your experience. Understanding the spiritual reason for your experience can alleviate your deepest pains.

From a human being’s perspective, the reason for your experience may seem limited and unrational. A human being may come to the conclusion that it was someone else’s fault for your experience. That you were a victim some how, some way. A victim of the economy, of the government’s regulations, of the community, of the crime rate, of corporate policy, etc, etc. Human beings always try to point the blame at someone else, but never fully understanding the consequences of their own actions. As a spiritual being you will reflect on your state of life and all the actions you have committed in the past. You will view your experience from all angles… was it an experience created from your karma i.e. your past actions? For every action there is a reaction. The illusion of time prevents us from seeing this clearly, but nonetheless how we make others feel is how the Universe will make us feel through experiences. Did you experience what you did because the Universe is trying to tell you something? Trying to wake you up from your sleep? Trying to tell you that you deserve better or that there is another way? Was it an experience that you had because of your separation from your Creator? Where you drifting far from your Creator’s ways? Was it a result of the chaos that you created as the distance between you and your Creator grew? Was it an experience that you planned with only your mind and not your heart, and as such had no support from the Heavens? A spiritual being will ask all of these questions and more to find the core reason to their experiences. As a spiritual being you understand that there is more to life than what you see in front of you, and that all of your experiences are put together by someone greater than you. As such, there is no way that major events or setbacks are just happening out of pure coincidence. There is a reason, and it’s up to you to discover that. Unlocking the truth of your experience will open your world and free you from mental and emotional burdens, allowing you to recreate your life anew. So search for the truth to your experiences, and discover what is holding you back or what actions you are taking that are leading you nowhere. Getting lost is a natural part of life, but finding your way back will take a conscious effort, time, and plenty of determination. The reward of getting your life back however, is priceless. So ask yourself, are you a human being or a spiritual being? Will you take the high road or the road most traveled?

Keep Searching!
Bradley Gaurano


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