I was born on January 22nd, 1983 in Guadalajara, Mexico. I moved to the United States when I was a year old. My father specialized in building and fixing PC’s, while my mother stayed home and took care of me. My earliest recollection of being moved by a film was when I saw “The Land Before Time” in theaters. I remember being so entranced by the feeling of “experiencing” another world… a reality beyond my reality. It was amazing. After that I was always watching movies… with friends, family, and especially my dad. Soon after I discovered a burning desire to tell my own stories. And so my journey to becoming a filmmaker began.

I grew up all over Southern California, and went to high school at Foothill High in Tustin. I wasn’t much of a student when it came to High School. I remember I was always good in subjects I was interested in, which was mostly history, language arts, and girls. I do remember however, that I was always passionate about working in groups. Whenever there was a group project, I was always the leader, gathering people together, combining resources, getting people excited and so on. Little did I know, these experiences would help build a foundation that would assist me as an independent producer and production manager.

I was lucky enough to get accepted into UCI as a Film Studies major. Looking back I would prefer to have been a Sociology/Psychology major. It isn’t mentioned much, but understanding life and human behavior is much more important in creating moving and realistic films then studying films themselves. After seeing friends who were also film studies majors graduating a year ahead of me and doing nothing with their degree, I became anxious and frustrated. The film program at my university was not enough to give me a good grasp of the real world film production knowledge I would need to further my career. And so at the end of my third year attending UCI, I dropped out. Many events bombarded my life ever since… my parents divorced, our house was foreclosed, my parent’s business went bankrupt, my grandfather died, my favorite uncle passed away, my father was diagnosed with cancer… but my passion to tell stories has not diminished. As a matter of fact, it is because of all my experiences that my desire to send a message in my films has grown even stronger. And so here I am, several years later… pursuing my passion and trying to make ends meet. It’s tough, but I love it. I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to block a scene… or guide an actor into manifesting pure emotion… or to see a group of avid filmmakers come together–with no budget–and create something beautiful.

I am always in awe of the effort and passion people put into low budget independent film productions. No matter how small the role or how hard the work, there are always those who stand out and perform amazingly or work diligently regardless of their compensation. It’s especially these individuals that I desire to work with for the rest of my career in the film industry. Nothing moves me more than to witness those who put their heart and soul into everything they do. It is these acts of selflessness that inspire me to collaborate and create. It is seriously one of the bigger reasons of why I am in this industry. It inspires me everyday, and I sincerely hope to receive as many opportunities as I can to express the very essence of who I am.

– Bradley Gaurano



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