Starting Over

Throughout the course of our lives we encounter obstacles or commit mistakes that force our lives in a different direction than the one we first intended. When this happens we sometimes ponder the possibility of starting over. The prospect of new beginnings is a daunting one for many of us, and often times we prolong these changes. How hard is it truly to “start over?” … Continue reading Starting Over

Love Makes The World Go Round… :)

Love is everywhere, in everything, and the force that drives everything. Whether it be love of self, love for your Creator, love of material possessions, love of destruction… it is the source of all desire, and all that matters is where you decide to focus that desire and the results that accumulate. What is love? Why do we say “God is love? Love is an … Continue reading Love Makes The World Go Round… :)

Communication is Harmony…

What does it mean to communicate? Is communicating an essential part of your life? One can communicate in many different ways to many different people. You may talk to your friends in ways that you would never talk to your parents. You may disclose information to your best friend that you would never tell your boss. Communication is an integral part of our life, whether … Continue reading Communication is Harmony…

The Importance of Responsibility

What does it mean to take responsibility? What does being a responsible person entail? Responsibility is a virtue that we seldom see these days. It seems that nowadays most people are willing to take convenience over responsibility. How many times have we seen our leaders and big corporations forsake their responsibility to those they lead and those they give service to. But putting such big … Continue reading The Importance of Responsibility